Why me?

I have been interested in business, investing and personal development for a few years. How is it possible that, despite long education process and various academic degrees, so many people in Poland get a minimum salary? What’s the reason for complaining about work and saying ‘I don’t have time for anything’? Why do millions of Poles want to set up their own business, but it doesn’t work out?

The answer is simple – lack of adequate education and soft skills. In the last years I have invested thousands of PLN in business trainings, seminars and books. What is more, I have had a lot of contact with entrepreneurs, business owners and hundreds of clients. I have come to important conclusions which I would now like to share in a pleasant way with as many young people as possible.

The knowledge and skills I have gained have led me to opening two companies and achieving financial independence. Now I want to focus on how to share all the information I have with a wider audience. Thanks to a long experience in public speaking and performing on stage, during a three-hour training I help to understand the most imporant issues connected with:

  • making and managing money
  • investing
  • time management
  • the psychology of success

You will find out how to plan effectively, motivate yourself and others successfully and get more and more impressive results, both in your career and in your private life.

If you want to achieve better financial results, learn what to invest in and familiarise yourself with important mechanisms working in Poland while having fun at the same time – these business trainings are perfect for you!