Partners’ opinions

I began developing a successful English teaching company with the help of Mikołaj. His enormous knowledge, quick acting and transparency make him a trustworthy business partner – I highly recommend his trainings and seminars!

Bernadetta Dudzik, the owner of Langster

Tandem Pub

If you cooperate with Mikołaj, you can count on his involvement and creativity. Thanks to his experience, open-mindedness and energy, he is great at organising events. He can establish and maintain long-term business relations – I can fully recommend him!

Marta Ciesielska, the owner of Tandem Pub

Tadeusz Bręczewski

It was a pleasure for me to take part in a lot of business trainings with Mikołaj and watch him perform – he can arouse participants’ interest and inspire them. His ability to manage time and money has always impressed me. Moreover, he talks only about things that he has tried and experienced himself, which makes him reliable. I recommend his business trainings especially to young and ambitious people who want to develop their careers.

Tadeusz Bręczewski, entrepreneur

Mikołaj has extensive knowledge about public speaking and marketing. During our cooperation he proved to be a competent and charismatic person who easily adapts to new circumstances and can always overcome unexpected problems. He displayed full professionalism and expertise. It was a pleasure to observe him on stage. He impressed me a lot and I happily recommend his business trainings.

Joanna Kotowska, the owner of ACCESS